Your Opinion: Global warming is socialist fraud

Dear Editor:

Mankind caused global warming/climate change is a fraud and it is very easy to prove. If the weather is too hot, average, cold, wet, average, dry, windy, or calm the answer is always the same, global warming. Obviously, we are no longer discussing science when the answer never changes when the inputs change. Climate and weather are just a few of the constantly changing environmental conditions not controlled by humans despite our most fervent wishes to the contrary.

In addition to the obvious illogic associated with supposed global warming the science behind the global warming is not science. Global warming proponents have falsified data while data that contradicts global warming is suppressed; programs have been and are written to generate desired global warming conclusions, real scientists are vilified in a planned manner that challenges the global warming fraud, valid scientific papers contradicting the global warming fraud are not published due to the usual the ends justify the means belief. Capitalists and consumers have to be controlled and their money confiscated for redistribution to third world countries supposedly suffering from global warming effects. Global warming is a socialist political issue.

CO2, the supposed demon of global warming now changed to climate change after so much cold weather around the planet, is a lagging indicator. CO2 doesn’t cause global warming; it shows up if warming occurs. Human generated CO2 doesn’t even have a direct correlation with plant wide temperatures. Water vapor is the most important green house gas and it is impossible to control. We live on a planet covered by water to the tune of approximately 75 percent. Water vapor literally and figuratively grossly outweighs the effects of CO2, CH4 or any other assumed green house gas. Let us not forget the Sun in the equations because it has a variable output.

Humans with our blink of an eye existence are trying to ignore the natural cosmic, climatic, and geological processes that play out over hundreds of millions of years. We are in between just one of multiple ice ages. Parts of the earth are still rising up due to the rebound effect from massive ice sheets no longer weighing down the landscape. Picking one period of climatic history and trying to maintain such conditions through human efforts is a fool’s errand. Of course, socialists behind the global warming fraud are fools; however, they are dangerous fools that want to steal our money and freedom.


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