Your Opinion: First response to Williams on guns

Dear Editor:

Mr. Williams should use the same Internet he used to locate anti-gun information to find information on lives that were saved because of a gun. I do not expect him to change his mind about owning a gun; I would imagine he was never raised around them, but was raised in an environment that has always condemned them.

If the government would simply enforce the laws we have and punish criminals we wouldn’t have near the problems we have today. It is foolish to think banning guns will solve the problem of people being killed with them (or people being murdered period).

If anything it will make it worse. Individuals are classified as criminals for a reason, and it isn’t because they follow the rules. I am sure Mr. Williams won’t like that argument either since it appears he thinks the only way a life can be taken is with a gun. One day you may very well need a gun again to keep the government at bay, it did happen once 236 years ago beginning in 1775.

If Mr. Williams thinks the police can help and stop everything he is sadly mistaken. I called them once when a man was threatening to kill a woman, I called them again, then one more time and 45 minutes to a hour after the first call they showed up. Fortunately the man didn’t kill the woman. I got a better response when I called them to come get two dogs that had my family and I trapped in our home, of course they only responded after I threatened to shoot the dogs so my family and I could leave our home.

You go right ahead and rely on the police to protect you in all cases, good luck with that.

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