Your Opinion: Enjoy Christmas; skip the angst

Dear Editor:

I sincerely hope that any citizen who believes Christmas is under attack does not let bogus political claims diminish their enjoyment of the season. Nelson Otto wrote a very nice letter Dec. 6 about what Christmas means to him. But then he fretted some over things he had heard. Schools somewhere were taking Christmas out of their programs. Where? This is a big country. I suppose somewhere that happens. Not most places I am sure.

Then Otto said our government was taking away all signs of the Christian religion in public places. Well, good for them. The government should be agnostic about religion. Christianity has never relied on the American government to gain a foot hold. The churches have done that and their fellowship. Why do you want the crutch of government subsidy of religion? What if the government chooses Sharia law? Then I would expect Christians to have a real squawk.

The secular war on Christmas is going nowhere if it even exists anywhere but on Fox News. The celebration of Christmas is hardly diminished. Citizens are attending their churches and enjoying the joyous celebration of the season.

Who cares if historians think Christ was not born in December? In the fourth century Christianity began celebrating the birth of Christ to coincide with pagan winter solstice celebrations. Most Christians have gone with that date. The nativity story inspires millions. Why would anyone need to be crabby about a few spoil sports? Just enjoy.

What I find disturbing is the commercialization of Christmas as the epitome of American merchandising. This has become a war on Thanksgiving. Please tell Bill O’Reilly to get on his high horse. Even before Thanksgiving neighbors are putting up Christmas lights. Stores are putting out Christmas items for sale. The very minute the day of Thanksgiving ends, a riotous black Friday orgy of shopping begins with all the mayhem of greedy self-centered American commercialism. The scenes shown on TV of citizens pushing, shoving and gouging their way to get the best deals before anyone else, is the real attack on tradition. If you asked those citizens if they were pagan or Christian, would you really be surprised to find they probably claim Christianity as their faith.

Alas, Mr. Otto let’s just try to enjoy what we know is important at Christmas which is faith and family.

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