Your Opinion: Problem with entitlements

Dear Editor:

The commissar for the Socialist Democratic Progressive Party for Cole County (tough to know what name he is going by now days) Robert Haslag obviously received his talking points from headquarters as I struggled through the propaganda listed in Nov. 26 opinions. But he is correct on the utter failure of the Democrats again not being able to come up with a budget.

Obama’s idea for this so called “Super Committee” was doomed from the beginning and never intended to be a winner. Haslag says it’s a Republican failure by not agreeing to increase taxes. I guess the rich are not considered citizens and then there is the “they are not paying their fair share mantra.”

Even Obama said that increasing taxes during a recession is a bad idea. Now it is a good idea? Republicans proposed closing tax loopholes, which is a good idea. Also placed on the table were changes in Social Security, Medicare, Medicaid and other mandatory expenditures (entitlements/free stuff).

In 1960 Social Security ratio of covered workers to retirees was 5.1 workers for each retiree. In 2009 it was 3 to 1. It is projected to be 2.2 to 1 by 2030. Gee, ya think maybe Warren Buffet, George Soros and the Hollywood crowd could kick in a little bit on their benefits?

Defense is 20 percent of the budget in 2010 with the troops fighting abroad. Mandatory spending (as listed above) amount to 55 percent of the budget. Defense is 4.5 percent of the GDP and allows all the welfare folks to sleep well at night because rough men stand ready to do violence on their behalf.

How do you sleep, Mr. Halsag, and just who do you thank for the comfort and safety? Our defense of this country is not an option as you would have it sir. It is a necessity. Providing cell phones and food stamp credit cards that can be used in casinos is not. Obama has already cut back on the “sacred cow” as you call defense spending.

We have an obvious problem with the entitlements. I can see the obvious. For Haslag and Tony Smith the emperor has clothes on when it comes to the free stuff. I see him as naked and us as a country need to man up and do what needs to be done.

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