Your Opinion: Liberals deny reality, affix blame

Dear Editor:

As usual, liberals, Obamabots, socialists, detached-from-reality pundits, anarchists, etc. deny reality and blame everybody and anybody except themselves and especially not their demigod Obama.

Rep. Hartzler ran for office based upon her word to cut spending, taxes and reduce size of government. Rep. Hartzler has kept her word with respect to how she has voted. However, extremist Mr. Garber’s and your extremist demigod Obama threatened to veto the bill that would have prevented a default and a ratings downgrade. Sen. Reid, the petulant, refused to vote for the bill and instead played crisis politics trying to avoid a long-term solution to the U.S.A. debt problem that did reduce spending, reduce taxes, and create smaller government.

U.S. government exceeded its borrowing limit some time ago and the world didn’t end. Offering a conservative-oriented, long-term U.S. debt solution to Democrats extremists, i.e. normal Democrats, is like offering a crucifix to a vampire. After the phony crisis, letters to the editor from rabid Democrats pop up like mushrooms after a spring rain and in many cases are just plain toxic. Consume Democrat vile at your own peril.

Compromise with evil means to adopt evil and Rep. Hartzler didn’t adopt the evil that put us in the uncontrolled spending, tax and class warfare mentality state of the Democrat Party. Thank God!

Mr. Garber, go borrow what is necessary in your opinion from a rational lending institution that can’t print its own money. You will find out very quickly that your delusional definition of necessary doesn’t apply to the real world.

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