Your Opinion: Tea Party needed to cut spending

Dear Editor:

Hats off to the 87 freshman representatives in Washington, D.C. They are called Tea Party, extremists, radicals and even worse by the administration, Senate and even by some in the Republican Party and degraded every day by the liberal media. This group of freshmen are staying true to their campaign pledge to cut the size of government, cut government spending and change the way things are done in Washington, D.C.

The House has for once asserted its constitutional responsibility by passing cut-cap-balance. The administration and Senate would have no part of it. Sen. Reid would not even let it come to debate.

We can not continue down the same old path we are on. Revenue for 2011, $2.6 trillion, government spending is $3.8 trillion, one-year deficit spending is $1.2 trillion. The freshman are trying to change this trend.

Every week for the past month President Obama has given speeches on the debt ceiling and debt default. Then he would throw in the scare tactic of maybe no Social Security, no Medicare payments, no Medicaid payments. The news media and TV adds would jump on this as gospel truth, when in fact it was a scare tactic and lie. If there is default it would be President Obama’s decision.

They say the conservative Tea Party will destroy Social Security, Medicare and Medicaid. Another scare tactic, another lie.

The fact is, they want to reform the programs to keep them solvent and save them. It is a known fact and every one in Washington, D.C., knows that if there are not reforms of these programs there will not be enough revenues to support them.

We have to cut the size of government. We have to cut government spending. We have to cut government programs. We have to cut government rules and regulations. We have to reform the IRS and the tax system.

The more control government has, the less business and jobs we have.

The government can not be the goose that laid the golden egg. The closer we get to be a welfare state, the closer we get to a third world country.

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