Your Opinion: Reaction to crimes involving blacks

Dear Editor:

The article in the April 18 News Tribune by Ben Yarnell was interesting, and not in a good way for me. Kemoh Edwards was quoted as being concerned about what he sees in the headlines. There is an assumption that Mr. Edwards is black; I don’t care if he is or isn’t, but what I do care about is the refusal to see and or accept the obvious.

Lincoln University is not the problem, but when 38 percent of the prison population is black, that is a problem. The black community should be concerned. Depending on the NAACP (a solution looking for a problem) or any government fix will not get the bulldog fed! You need to step up and fix it yourselves.

Years and hundreds of millions of dollars have done nothing but perpetuate a problem that still exists. You see it does not take a village to raise a child, it takes parents, a mom and dad. I do not owe anyone’s child an education, or health care. I refuse to take the blame for other people’s bad behavior, and I did not vote for Obama. That does not make me a racist, I am nothing more than an American citizen.

Mr. Chapel says that this problem is not limited by race in any way. I disagree, it is a race problem, not a community problem. I pay taxes and depend on the police to keep this from being a “community” problem.

Lincoln University is a great asset to this community, it is not the problem. Black on black crime must be addressed by the black community. If I can help, I would and will, but do not tell me it is my community’s problem. That is nothing more than a cheap excuse for bad behavior.

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