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Your Opinion: Fair Tax would benefit everyone

Dear Editor:

Everyone seems to think that the Fair Tax (state or federal) benefits only the rich. We all should look at how it affects our children, our grandchildren, and us. After the Fair Tax passes, the ‘rich,’ the ‘middle class,’ and the ‘poor’ all should be better off. The same goes for employed and retired people.

It does not matter which class I am in; my children, my grandchildren, and I will all be better off.

How can a tax be ‘fair’? When it taxes all classes the same! The rich would have no deductions and loopholes in the tax code. The middle class would have fewer deductions from their paycheck with more take-home pay. The poor would have a prebate. Wait a minute! All three classes will get all of these things! Each class will have what the other classes have: no loopholes, more take-home pay, and a prebate!

How can all classes be better off with the Fair Tax? For one thing, we all have to pay (with time and/or money) to fill out, store and file our tax forms. Lobbyists are paid to lobby for loopholes. Companies have to do business using the tax code as a guide.

This is waste, which, at the federal level, is estimated at $300-500 billion each year before we start actually paying taxes. This money could be in all taxpayers pocket before they pay their tax on new goods and services. Also illegal actives and aliens do not pay income taxes.

I have spent years studying the Fair Tax, and so have thousands of other grassroots supporters.

We have read books, articles, and the pros and cons, and our common sense tells us that the Fair Tax is a good idea compared to our present system. People who write letters to the editor complaining about why the Fair Tax is so bad should explain why the current tax system in so good.

Learn the facts. Ask yourself: Would these measures (no loopholes, no income tax, and a prebate) make my children, my grandchildren, and me better off?

If the answer is “yes” then support the Fair Tax. Who cares if someone else would be better off? You would be better off! If nothing changes, you are worse off, and so is everyone else.

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