YOUR OPINION: Emphasize ‘pride and responsibility’

Dear Editor:

Ah, hope and change. What would life and the future of our country be today without it. How about “pride and responsibility?” Oh, I forgot, that’s not palatable to the dependent class who the Democrats are working hard to increase for future votes.

It’s amazing how our educational system and media have distorted the true definition and meaning of words to create an illusion. I wonder when “hope” became synonymous with creating ambition or “drive” as Mr. Garber suggests? If that’s the case then why are so many peoples of the world living in poverty? Do you not think if hope is all they need for drive that life wouldn’t be better for them? No, hope is an emotion like a carrot, which is hung in front of people to keep them going which is what Mr. Obama used to get elected and the Democrats are now using in this election. The problem is that the carrot is beginning to rot as it’s been hanging out there so long.

Change, what an inspiring word until one has the courage to question “what and how are you going to change anything?” and then expect and get the truth of their convictions. Somehow, no one quite got a clear answer to that before the last election.

Now when the Republicans have the courage to put their real and necessary plans for change on paper they’re ridiculed by people like Mr. Garber. As long as our history is allowed to be rewritten and/or ignored by our educational system and media then the Democrats can continue unabated to sell their empty lines to the electorate.

I guess when one has an electorate that has very little real education on what life should be in these United States founded on freedom from government and a foundation for self support then I guess hope and change will always sell. I just wonder how long will it be that we will be in the same crisis France and England are experiencing. The Mr. Garbers of this country, I think, are foolishly hanging their hats on “it will never happen here” and I’m sure the ruling elite in Washington, D.C. will be the only ones who will be exempted from the effects. I just hope this election puts us back on the right track of “pride and responsibility” instead of “hope and change.” God Save America!


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