Your Opinion: Questions for the candidates

Dear Editor: Would all of the political candidates please, please stop already with the pot-and-kettle ads? My television time is the time I can finally sit and relax, and I am sick of wearing out my mute button because I will not listen, even subliminally, to your trash!

Furthermore, you are doomed to failure because I am going to vote in spite of you. I have voted for years for candidates that I knew would not represent me, but rather would represent those who shove and claw. I voted for you because the privilege of voting is a sacred trust, and your state and national committees will not allow anyone on the ballot who will not be a "team member," a.k.a. yesman for the big money. I am not stupid, and only occasionally am I naive.

I want you to answer some questions for me. I want clear English, one sentence, unequivocal answers from each of you.

Do you personally consider every life to be of value? Do you believe every person has a purpose? Do you believe every law-abiding person has a right to live, be free to choose how to live, and to work toward happiness?

Do you believe every working person must have affordable medical care? Do you believe big business should continue keeping huge percentages from, or that anyone should be keeping seven-figure annual incomes from, the health care dollars that are spent by and for the citizens of this country?

Do you believe that Social Security should be privatized? Do you believe that any Social Security monies should be used for any purpose other than pensions for the retired and for those workers who can legitimately no longer work and their dependents? Do you believe that the Social Security trust fund should be counted as an asset of the U.S. Treasury?

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Do you believe that we have a right to manage commerce in such a way that every person who wants to work and is able to work will have the opportunity to get employment and earn an actual living by doing so?

Are you a person with strength and courage to stand up for and act upon your beliefs?

Answer these questions and let me make an informed choice. Maybe we can resuscitate the greatness of this country. Or, we can continue to destroy all that is America and end up with something else entirely. Something ugly.


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